Sunday, 23 November 2014

Middle Eastern Salad

I was given a a very small pomegranate by a friend but it was so small I wondered what on earth I would do with it.

When I opened it up I was amazed at how many seeds were actually in it.

So obviously size isn't an indication at all.  I'm fairly new to pomegranates and I don't think I have ever actually eaten a whole one - they never strike me as a fruit you would just eat... but I could be wrong.  At any rate I plan a pomegranate tree very soon so I thought I would make a start.

Pomegranates feature large in Middle Eastern cookery so I decided on a salad with the ingredients I had lurking in the fridge.  Namely...

Three rather past their best carrots, grated.

The last of the home made yoghurt.

A clove of garlic and a small handful of mint from the garden (being careful to only take the leaves that haven't been eaten by whatever bug has eaten most of both the mint and the sage!).

First I mixed the crushed garlic with the yoghurt (that's a classic Middle Eastern flavour to start off with).

Then I grated the carrots and shredded the mint... added the jewel like pomegranate seeds and then mixed the whole lot together.  It certainly is a colourful dish.

Voila one salad.  Verdict:  could have been more minty (but I knew this)... it disappeared at lunch without any complaints... accompanied by some wholemeal bread and left over Calzone pizza.