Saturday, 17 January 2015


It's how you cook it ya know!  When we stayed in Andalucia we had some fabulous Morcilla (Spanish black pudding)... and almost every weekend could be a fried breakfast treat.  However, since we came to Extremadura we have been very disappointed by the morcilla.  It seemed to just fall apart... go to crumbs and the taste was almost nothing.

As we passed a new delicatessen in our nearby town of Miajades we saw a sign proclaiming Morcilla de Guadalupe.  Oh well we could have another go at it we thought.  We were asked if we wanted piccante or dulce... (that's spicy or mild in English), we took one of each.  As the lady wrapped them up she told us to put them in simmering water for 5 to 10 minutes and then they would be excellent.  Oh!  Not fried then?  Mmmmm perhaps that is where we were going wrong!

Well it's Saturday so a brunch was organised.  Black pudding with fried eggs and my favourite mushroom mixture.  The mushrooms (have you ever seen the like?) arrived with an order from an organic veggie garden and since the order form simply said 'mushrooms' I had no idea I would get these....

Mix with apple, onion, garlic and fry until all is soft... add a little miso and pepper and then taste.  If its not sweet enough then add some balsamic vinegar... just a little.  This makes a great filo pie filling or you can add some rice or breadcrumbs and chop it all very fine and stuff it into veggie sausage casings or make burger shapes with it... very versatile mixture.

And the result?  For the black pudding I mean.  Absolutely delish!  It put me in mind of a french blood pudding and I shall never fry morcilla again!