Friday, 4 July 2014

Coriander Gin

Our coriander went to seed very quickly this year.  No matter how fast I kept cutting off the flowers more would appear within a matter of hours.  I found out later that its because we planted it in full sun... its goes to seed much faster without any shade apparently.  Anyway, finally, I let it do what it wanted to and decided to harvest the seed.

Most of it will be left to go brown on the plant but I took some green coriander seed heads to put into gin.  I heard that it makes really nice coriander vodka but I didn't have any vodka so I tried it in gin.

Not sure how long it has to stay there but it smells divine.  We'll give it a few weeks before trying and if we like it then it will remain on the menu permanently.  How did we do it?  Very easy.

Pick the green coriander seed and wash really well (you would be surprised at how many little black bugs came off it even after two washes there was still a few left).  Once perfectly clean simply drop into gin.  How much?  I haven't a clue... we had about three inches of gin left in this bottle so we added a couple of sprigs of coriander seed to it.  I'll let you know later if its too strong or too weak.  Cheers.

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